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There are many such features present in the avg antivirus which makes it different from all other antiviruses present in the market at this point in time. Currently, the anti-theft feature is one such feature of avg which is especially available for androids. It is designed to protect your private mobile data and it also helps in recovering the data that is lost from it. The advanced anti-theft captures the photo when any thief enters an incorrect pin. But in case there is any problem in the functioning of any of these features or of avg itself then you can contact the avg customer service team. The service team consists of experts who have the ability to resolve all the issues within a short interval of time.

Avg Customer Service

How to activate anti-theft feature?

In order to upgrade avg antivirus for android to the pro version you have to ensure that the steps are followed properly. If you feel that you will need an assistance, then don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team will not only activate the anti-theft feature, but they will also upgrade it to the pro version so that you can receive maximum benefit of the avg. You have to just dial avg contact number and convey your problem to the executives present there.

In both free and pro versions, the activation process of the anti-theft feature is required. You have to just follow the steps accurately and you will find that you will be able to attain the goal. If you have avg download problem or some other issues regarding activation then you can contact our support team. In order to activate this feature, you have to follow these steps:

  • Firstly, you have to tap the avg antivirus for android icon on your device.
  • Once you tap on that icon, you will find a menu icon in top left corner. You have to click on the menu icon.
  • When you click on menu, you will see anti-theft feature you have to just select that.
  • Finally, you have to tap set up to start the activation process of that feature.

Once you have followed all these steps properly you will be able to enjoy the features. If you have problem in understanding any of the above-mentioned step of activation, then you must contact avg support team who would provide you relevant support.

Once the activation process gets started then you have to create a pin and that could be done by tapping on the ‘set pin’ link after that clicking on ‘OK’ to confirm. Once you confirm it now you can create your pin and you have to retype it for confirming it. If you have difficulty in creating your own password, then you can take help of avg customer service team. Once you call us our avg help team will instantly help you to understand the steps properly.

How to uninstall avg?

You have to install avg antivirus on your system for using it but if you find that you are no longer using internet on that particular device, then keeping the avg installed on the device is useless. So, in that case you can uninstall it from that device and use it somewhere else. The process of un-installation involves few steps in a sequence and if those steps are followed in a proper manner then this is a simple task. In case you need any help in the process you can contact avg customer service team.

Sometimes you may have problem in understanding the steps then you can take guidance of our team who will ensure that you are able to uninstall it completely from your device. Here are steps that you have to follow before proceeding for un-installation:

  • Firstly, you have to restart your PC and log into windows as a user with administrative account. This is done to ensure that there is no AVG updates or tests running in the background.
  • In the next step you have to log into windows as a user with all the administrative rights. In case you have any doubt then just give a call in avg help number.
  • If you want to have un-installation through windows control panel, then you have to do it by following the instructions mentioned for the version of your windows.

Once the steps are followed one by one you will find that the avg gets uninstalled automatically. You can even use avg remover tool for simplifying the process. Before using this tool, you have to ensure that you save all your work and also close all your open documents. If you find that after completing the process, there is some prompting then restart your PC again, doing this will solve your issue. If you need any kind of assistance in the duration of un-installation or you have difficulty in understanding any of the step, then you can take help of avg customer service team.