AVG, One In A Million!

The AVG Antivirus is a web of anti-virus and internet security that is designed by a security software company named AVG Technologies. It not only talks a big game but also proves to be one in a million in the ground of internet security. The company AVG Antivirus and its team Avg Help Number have more than 200 million active users across the world. The best thing about AVG antivirus is that it protects unlimited devices and it works with Windows 10. It has also established the recent customer service Avg Help Number that solves all doubts and query of its users.

  • Antivirus helps in stopping, removing and preventing the spreading of trojans, worms, malware, spyware and viruses.
  • Anti-Malware helps in protecting malware on computers. It also helps in stopping anything that is infected.
  • Anti-Rootkit helps in keeping control of computer in the user’s hands and not some hackers.
  • Email Scanner detects infected inbound attachments so that the PC remains unaffected.
  • Protective Cloud Technology prevents and also identifies the emerging threats “in the cloud” through automatic updates.
  • Community Protection Network instantly converts every new threat encountered by any member of our community into protection for everyone. It adds up to ever-better antivirus protection for the entire AVG community.
  • Social Networking Protection checks the links that get interchanged when multiple social networks are opened.
  • Anti-Spam stops spammers and scammers. It also reduces the risks of falling into online spam by checking and scanning all emails.
  • Enhanced Firewall blocks hackers from the attempt of accessing the private data stored on the user’s PC. It also helps in stopping malware and spyware and also works on any wired or wireless networks.
  • Real-Time Outbreak Detection uses advanced artificial intelligence on computer to identify malware samples.
  • AI Detection is been added mob intelligence to the existing Outbreak Detection technology for identifying the extreme newest malware variants in real-time.

The Avg Help Number and its team not only claims to be the one in a million but also proves to be competent, excellent and supreme enough to have served probably more than 200 million people worldwide.