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There are numerous benefits of internet, but its usage comes with several disadvantages. While accessing internet on device there are chances that malware attack the device and damage it completely. In order to protect computers from any such malware attacks, avg antivirus is used. But in case there is some defect in it then you have to contact the avg support team for getting it resolved otherwise your device will again get prone to malware.

Avg antivirus provides complete protection to your device. As it is relatively easy to install and use, so it is preferred by huge number of population across the world. Due to any circumstance if you find that avg has stopped working then that is a problematic situation which could be handled with help of support team.  In order to contact them you have to dial avg contact number. As soon as you tell the executives present there about the problem that you are facing, they will instantly analyze the cause and provide relevant solution for solving it.

Avg Support

Installation of avg antivirus

Only a certified technician can help you in case you need assistance in the process of installation, activation, un-installation or up-gradation of the antivirus. If help of avg support team is availed, then they ensure that the installation process is completed successfully, and you get relevant guidance throughout each and every step.  Below mentioned are the steps of installation of avg antivirus:

  • Firstly, you need to first download avg internet security from the official website of avg. After that in the downloaded set up file you have to right click.
  • As soon as you right click you will be taken to a welcome screen. There at the top right corner of the screen you can find the installation language. You have to select the language and then click on ‘continue’ for continuing with the installation steps. You can take help of avg customer service team for understanding the step-in detail.
  • Once installation is completed you have to activate it and for that you have to type a new username and password and after that click on ‘create account’ to create a new avg account. You have to enter the license number that you have received while purchasing the antivirus only after that you will be able to complete the installation process.
  • In order to login into the existing avg account, you will have to click on ‘log in here’ and after login in the account you have to enter the license number. In case you have avg download problem then you should immediately contact the support team for help.

Once you have installed and activated avg you have to ensure that you restart the computer. Restarting the devices completes the installation process and now you can further enjoy the protection feature of avg antivirus. You can always contact avg support team if you need any help in the process.

Activation of avg antivirus

There are huge number of people who wish to use avg antivirus in their device. Usually they download and install the avg antivirus but after installing it successfully you have to take steps for activating it. Only after activating it avg will start functioning. If you are wondering about the steps of activation, then here are the steps:

  • In the first step you have to double-click on the avg icon present on the desktop. This will open the avg management console and after that you can proceed with the remaining steps. In case you have difficulty finding the icon or some other problem then you can take help of our team by dialing avg help number.
  • Once console is opened then you have to click on the internet security tile which will take you to the screen. On the top right corner of this screen you will find the menu on which you have to click and select ‘About’.
  • As soon as about is selected you will reach to a screen where you can find the subscription tab. You have to click on that then you will find some activation methods, you will have to select one from them and after which you need to click on login which is present in the next screen.
  • Further you need to type your email address and password of the account that you created while purchasing the avg antivirus and after login in the account you have to enter the license number on the next screen for activating the avg.

These steps will help you to successfully activate avg and only when it is activated properly, it will start functioning and protect the device from attacks of all sorts of malware. Though these steps are very simple, and you can very easily activate your account. In case you are having trouble in following these steps then you must always seek help of avg support experts. They will surely guide you thoroughly through the steps.