Epson Customer Service: Explore Big, Print Bigger

Epson Printers have over brimmed the level of excellence when analyzed about printers, scanners and professional imaging. Indeed in the long run Epson has proved to be the turtle in the race, which defeated all those printing companies that had shot to fame in no time. Not only does it manufacture best of printers, but also it highlights the name of its service in the name of Epson customer service.

Epson Customer Service

What are basic products manufactured by Epson Printers?

  • Professional Imaging
  • Label Printers
  • Projector
  • Industrial and All in One Printers
  • Scanners

The above are the key products that are manufactured by Epson. Apart from Epson customer service, Epson comes under the category of being one of the best in manufacturing printers under:

  • Inkjet: These are of two categories;
  1. Enterprise document printers: a capacity of A4 size, duplex printing with the speed of 34ppm.
  2. Photo printers: Prints up to 12 sec per 4R photo, involving with direct CV/DVD printing. Some of the printers under this category prints up to resolution of 5760dp.
  • Ink Tank System: In this category of printer there lie four types:
  1. Color Single Function: high-yield ink bottles, prints up to 7imp to13imp, with resolution of 5760 X 1440 dpi.
  2. Color Multi Function: prints up to 27ppm to 33ppm, with high-yield ink bottles.
  3. Monochrome Single Function: prints with the speed of 34ppm, having both network and wireless connectivity.
  4. Monochrome Multi Function: prints up to 34ppm, network or wireless connectivity along with Epson iPrint.
  • Dot Matrix: There are two types of printers in this category.
  1. 9 Pin: Prints up to 7 to 10 parts forms, prints up to 300 to 1550 cps of speed.
  2. 24 Pin: High quality printing, prints up to 416 CPS speed at 12CPI.
  • Laser: This is the only category having network connectivity and duplex printing.

Epson Printers uses “Micro Piezo” as a medium of technology, which is outstanding in its own way in beating the other manufacturers. The Epson customer service is one of the most reliable resources to get Epson help whenever a customer comes across any issue that needs immediate attention for continuation of uninterrupted work.