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Usually, while printing from Epson printers if you find that the print is pale or faint then it is a worrisome situation. In that situation, you must follow few solutions which would solve the problem completely but in case these solutions don’t work then you have to seek help from Epson customer service team. Here our executives will take steps to resolve the issue instantly. Sometimes you might have some doubts in some particular steps then also our team will help you to clarify all your doubts and achieve the desired results.  The technicians of our company are highly qualified and have years of experience in delivering reliable and result oriented services.

Epson Customer Service

When to reach out to the Epson support team?
  • Suppose you find that the print quality of the Epson printers is decreasing that means you find that the printout that you are getting is pale. The most possible cause of this problem is that the printing speed is set to USD which states ultra-speed draft. You have to make changes in the settings of printing speed for solving this problem. You can avail the help of Epson printer support team if you have trouble in making the relevant changes.
  • When you find that cause of pale printout is that the ribbon is worn out then that could be solved by replacing the ribbon cartridges. You have to follow the steps of replacing the cartridges in proper manner and you will find that you are receiving good quality of print out. If you want, you can always take help of Epson customer service team for following the steps in proper manner.
  • There are times when you find that there is some part of printout is missing then again it is due to various causes. You have to firstly find out those causes so that proper action could be taken for resolving them. If you can’t find the cause, then you can dial Epson contact number and avail the support of experts who will find the proper cause of the problem.
  • The various issues that arise in the ribbon could be one possible cause for the missing part of printout. If the ribbon becomes slack, lose or the ribbon cartridge is not installed properly then only you will face this problem. You can solve this issue by turning the ribbon tightening knob which will remove any ribbon slack. If you need help, then Epson customer service team guides you for doing so and also reinstall the ribbon cartridges. If you find that there is problem in the cartridges, then the re-installation process can help you.
  • If you find lines of dots are missing in the printout that means that the print head is already damaged. Whenever you are in such a situation you should immediately stop printing. You can also take further step for replacing the print head. In case you need any help in replacing the print head then you can contact in Epson help number. The team helps you to find out a solution for this problem.
What steps you can follow?
  • There may be problem of position when the paper size settings in the application software does not match the size of the paper that you may be using. In order to solve this problem, you have to follow these points:

You have to check the settings of paper size in the printer driver because size may be the culprit and once you check the setting of the size of the paper, the problem would automatically get resolved. If you have difficulty in making required changes in the settings, then you should contact our team. They also help in making the required changes in the settings of the Epson printer drivers.

  • When it is found that the printer’s length settings for the front and rear tractor do not match the size of the paper then you may face the problem of position while printing from the Epson printers. You have to follow these steps for solving this problem:

 Firstly, you have to check the page length settings for the front and rear tractor using the printer’s default settings mode. You should check the settings of the printer first whenever you come across such problem if needed you can always take help of our team.

  • Suppose top-of-form setting of the printer is incorrect then you will find that there is possibility of position of printing. So, whenever you find this issue you should follow these steps:

You have to check and adjust the margin or top- of-form position settings in the application software. You can also adjust it by using micro adjust function. If you have problem in using these adjust functions, then contact Epson customer service team. The team members will ensure that problem is resolved as soon as possible.