Epson Printing! Where Printing is Exploring

Since its inception, Epson has played its role in fulfilling the basic printer related needs of all its customers. Therefore after some decades, today, Epson is considered as one of the best producers of printers. Along with some great products of printers it knows how to highlight the name of its service in the name of Epson help number. The basic key products manufactured by this well established company are:

Epson Help Number

Epson is involved under the category of being one of the best in manufacturing printers under the level of: Considering the key products of Epson, the following are categorized:

  • Professional Imaging
  • Label Printers
  • Projector
  • Industrial Printers
  • All in one Printers
  • Scanners

Apart from Epson help number, it manufactures some of the best printers. Under the category of inkjets, ink tank systems, dot matrix and laser.

How can I analyze the sub or child category of the printers manufactured by Epson?

  • Enterprise document printers: a capacity of A4 size, duplex printing with the speed of 34ppm. The other is photo printers; which prints up to 12 sec per 4R photo, involving with direct CV/DVD printing. Some of the printers under this category prints up to resolution of 5760dp.
  • Color Single Function: This type of printers have high-yield ink bottles, prints up to 7imp to13imp, and resolution of 5760 X 1440 dpi. Color Multi Function: prints up to 27ppm to 33ppm, with high-yield ink bottles.
  • Monochrome Single Function: prints with the speed of 34ppm, having both network and wireless connectivity.
  • Monochrome Multi Function: prints up to speed of 34ppm, having network or wireless connectivity along with Epson iPrint.
  • 9 Pin: Prints up to 7 to 10 parts forms, prints up to 300 to 1550 cps of speed.
  • 24 Pin: High quality printing, prints up to 416 CPS speed at 12CPI.

Epson Printers uses the technology called “Micro Piezo” which is outstanding in its own way in beating the other manufacturers. On adding salt to the delicious producer, Epson Printers enhances a customer servicing plan under the name of Epson printer support number in troubleshooting all the problems of its age old customers such as paper jamming, printer not working at all, distorted images or photos, lousy texts printed, so on and so forth.