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Usually, there is some or other problem in every technical object same is the condition with the Gmail account. While login in to the Gmail account if you face any problem then it could be solved very easily by the Gmail help team. The help team analyzes the cause or reason behind the issue and then take steps for resolving it.  When you seek help from our team by dialing the help number, you will find that it consists of highly dedicated staff. These staffs have an extreme level of patience and hence they never give up while finding a perfect solution for the problem.

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  • Lost emails: Suppose you configured the phone to accept email then you may find that the emails are getting lost. Usually such situation arises when a single email account is used by different persons. The emails get downloaded when you configure your email account. Once the emails are downloaded on that device they disappear from the web mail of the account. If you find that it can’t be onto a desktop client which has that account configured, then you should contact Gmail help team immediately. The main cause behind it is that you have configured the phone to “Remove mails from the server once they are downloaded”. It is important that you solve this problem as soon as possible and for that you have to contact Gmail support They will definitely understand the situation and provide the best possible solution for it.
  • Login problem: While login in your account if you enter wrong details then you will not be able to access the account. Often you may assume that the Gmail login problem arises because of password as password issues are easily identifiable. But you may not realize that username is also important. Wrong spellings, adding extra characters, leaving trailing spaces and forgetting to put at the end of the username are some details that you must consider while entering it. These problems not only arise while login in the account using mobile devices, it may arise when you access the account from computers. Whenever you are prevented from accessing the account you should instantly dial Gmail help number and avail the service of the expert technicians. They will help you solve the login problem and will also ensure that in future you do not face any such issue.
  • Password problem: The issues surrounding the password arises especially when you try to login in your Gmail account. You can’t login if you have forgotten the password of the account. You may forget your password because you maintain multiple accounts and you are confused between different passwords of multiple accounts. In that case you have to go through Gmail password recovery. The recovery process enables you to get back the password. If you don’t need the old password, then you can reset the password easily by using a short verification process. You can also opt to receive the recovery process in the secondary email address or the phone number liked to your account. You have to follow each and every step of recovery process accurately so that you can accomplish the goal easily. If you need any guidance in the process, then you can take help of Gmail customer service.
  • Hacked account: Whenever you access your account from some unknown locations you should ensure that you log out from that device. If by chance you forget to logout from such locations, then your account might get hacked. Once the hacker has your account in hand then can misuse all the information present in it. Hence, it is highly recommended that you seek help from our team for Gmail hacked account Even before seeking help you must ensure that you reset the password of the account as it essential that the hacker loses access of your account as early as possible. If needed you can dial Gmail phone number for assistance in the recovery process.


There are few things that you can do to resolve the issues present in the Gmail account. Suppose for solving the problem of disappearance of emails, you simply have to set the option not to delete from server after they are downloaded. This will ensure that other devices and mail clients can also download those emails. Gmail help team supports you if you have difficulty in following these steps. Besides that, you must ensure that you don’t have the option of clearing the emails after certain number of days as this may also make the emails disappear. In case of hacked account, you should immediately reset your password for providing the first protection to the account and then contact the Gmail customer care team for further recovery.  They not only provide you aid for recovering the account from hacked state but they guide you through numerous precautionary steps for complete protection of the account.