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Today, Hotmail is accessed by numerous people across the world. It is preferred by so many people because of the varied features present in it like calendar, video chat, text chat, contact organization, and many more. Whenever there is any issue in it then you have to contact the Hotmail customer service team who would provide proper resolutions for all the issues and hence solve it instantly. They have the ability to handle all such issues easily.

Common problems and solutions:

Problem in login: You may face login problem due to various factors. You must know all those factors in detail in order to understand the cause of the problem. You can contact Hotmail help number where or executives will provide you guidance for understanding the factors in detail.


  • For getting out of the situation of login problem you will have to first ensure that you are entering proper login credentials which include proper username and password of the account.
  • The internet connection as well as the settings of the browser is also essential for login in the account, so you must check it first.
  • If there is problem in loading the login page,then you will face the login problem in Hotmail account.
  • If above mentioned steps don’t help you then you can take help of Hotmail customer service team for relevant support.

Issue in understanding the features: Some of the problems of Hotmail account may arise just because you are unable to understand some its features in proper way. You can either follow below mentioned solutions for solving this issue or you can seek help of Hotmail support team for understanding those features.


  • In order to understand the features, you must immediately go to the login page where you will find varied features of Hotmail account explained in detail.
  • In the home page you can find the steps of creating a new account, deleting the account and signing in the account.
  • If you have problem in understanding the features, then you can contact Hotmail customer service

Problem in making the changes in settings: You often have to face various problems while importing the contacts and managing the contacts due to various settings present in it. If the changes in the settings is not made properly in correct way according to your preference, then you will not be able to access all the features properly. In that case you have to dial Hotmail support number for solving the issue.


  • For making changes in the settings of the Hotmail account you have to make changes in the configuration of the account.
  • These problems could be resolved very easily by making relevant changes in the settings in the Hotmail account.
  • You need to contact Hotmail customer service team for making the required changes in the Hotmail account.

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Password problem: If you don’t remember your password in the long run then you will not be allowed to access your account sometimes you need to recover the password of the account when you find that you are suffering from Hotmail hacked account. Resetting the password is necessary for recovering the account from hacked state.


  • Firstly, for recovering the password, you have to click on the ‘forgot the password’ link present in the login page of your account.
  • After that you will receive the instructions for recovering it and you will have to act according those instructions.
  • If you need any help in understanding these steps, then take help of an expert team by calling Hotmail customer service

Hacked account situation: While accessing your account at certain times you may find that there are some suspicious activities like some of your emails may be missing which indicates that you are suffering from the situation of hacked account.


  • Hotmail password recovery is the fastest way off getting out such a situation.
  • It is assumed that as soon as password is changed the hacker will lose access of the account.
  • Password could be changed by simply answering the security question.

Problem in loading inbox: If you find that the inbox is loading very slowly, or it is very slow for sending or receiving emails then one possible reason of this problem is that the disk quota exceeded error which is generally caused due to mailbox size problem. Whenever you come across such issue you must follow these steps.


  • You can call us in our number for resolving the problems but before that you need to check your mail queue.
  • As the problem is caused due to size of mailbox so such steps must be taken by which the size could be adjusted.

These mentioned problems are most common issues that arises while accessing the Hotmail account. Hotmail customer service team always provide the best possible solution for all these issues within short period of time.