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Communication with one another these days has become so convenient that almost everybody with access to an electronic gadget such as laptop, desktop, smartphone, or a tablet definitely has an email account. In fact, most businesses can’t operate without these because they need emails to communicate with their clients and staffs as well. So when you talk about webmail services, Hotmail is definitely one of the most-preferred choices and was the top service provider until recently. Over the years, the features and services of Hotmail have grown immensely and they continue to grow because of which users may need to consult with Hotmail Customer Service from time to time.

Why would I need to contact the Hotmail Customer Service?

hotmail customer service

You may need to call us to require assistance with any of the below-mentioned concerns:

  • Configuring a new Hotmail account for business or personal use.
  • Setting security questions and gaining tips on privacy and security of Hotmail account.
  • Hotmail password recovery and account recovery.
  • Hotmail login problem.
  • Resolving issues related to excessive spamming in Hotmail.
  • Resolving issues with sending and receiving emails in Hotmail.
  • Recovering broken files and images send or received via email.
  • Compatibility issues with browsers.
  • Resolving problems with managing the junk folder.
  • Creating email rules, signature, and auto-replies in your Hotmail account.
  • Account backup including backing up of emails, address book, and calendars
Can I expect help from you in all the above matters?

No matter what your problem is, our highly-qualified Hotmail Customer Service representatives commit to helping you out with it.

What do I do if I am facing regular account issues while using Hotmail for my business?

If you are using Hotmail for your business needs, it may be annoying for you to try and deal with account issues situations regularly on your own. You can stop worrying and being annoyed now because our Hotmail support team of technical professionals at ADV Software aims at taking care of all your Hotmail Customer Service related problem.

Call us now at 1-855-855-8055 and speak to a representative about your concern.Our Hotmail Customer Service team works 24/7 and throughout the year for your convenience and guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.