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Whenever there is problem related to email deliver ability that means there is few causes behind it. Businessman always look for such an email services where there is minimal problem and hence they prefer Hotmail. While using the Hotmail account the only thing that one has to keep in mind is maintaining all the necessary precautionary steps for preventing the account from being hacked. But anyhow if it is found that you are in situation of Hotmail hacked account, then you have to immediately consult the technicians for tackling the situation. Resetting the password is the best way to overcome the situation of hacked account. When you suffer from such a situation you must take proper steps otherwise there is a possibility that the hacker acquires all the information present in your account and misuse it. Due to hacked account you can also suffer from great financial loss. Hence, it is advisable that you tackle any such issue as soon as possible.

Hotmail Hacked Account

Precautionary steps for preventing the situation of hacked account

  • You should avoid accessing the Hotmail account from unknown locations as if you forget to log out from those locations then the person visiting the device just after you comes to know about the details of your account and hence hack it.
  • In order to prevent Hotmail hacked account you must set a strong password for the Hotmail account. Strong password implies that it must have a mixture of alphabets, numeric values and special characters.
  • After regular interval of time you must reset the password of the account. This provides additional protection to the account.
  • You must always link a secondary email address and phone number to your account as that would be helpful in the recovery process. As you can easily receive the recovery steps in it.

What to do in case of hacked account?

  • Even after entering the correct set of password and username if you are not able to login then that means there is a complete chance that your account has been hacked and the hacker has changed the password of the account. In that situation without much delay you should contact Hotmail support team for recovering it.
  • Suppose you find any suspicious activity in your account like you find that some of your emails are getting deleted or you are continuously receiving emails from unknown locations then you have to contact the Hotmail help number for finding the cause behind it. If it is found that somebody has already hacked the account, then they will take relevant step according to it.
  • If the account is already hacked but the hacker has not yet changed then you must immediately take help of experts for resetting the password. Suppose the hacker has changed the password then you will need to go through Hotmail password recovery
  • If you are able to login in the Hotmail account but you are in dilemma that there is a chance that your account has been hacked, then you should immediately contact in Hotmail phone number for availing help of expert technicians.


Few Qualities of Our Team

  • Our team recovers the account as soon as possible so that hacker is unable to misuse your data.
  • They provide instant and effective solution especially when it is case of hacked account as hacking is very sensitive issue.
  • The entire team is available round the clock for helping in such critical situations.
  • In case of Hotmail hacked account,it is necessary that it is solved as soon as possible otherwise hacker will get time to take all the details.
  • Our team not only provides step by step solution for all the problem but also guide you through the steps when you avail the help of Hotmail customer service
  • The services rendered by our team is cost effective and it is always in budget. After availing our services for recovering the account you will understand that you are not charged anything unreasonable.


There are many issues in the Hotmail account that obstruct its usage. But the situation of Hotmail hacked account is a situation which very dangerous and could be prevented only when you take all the precautionary measures. While accessing the email account from any unknown location you should take every kind of possible precautions and most importantly you should always log out from those locations every time you may have logged in so that any other person doesn’t get access of your account. If you have a bit doubt about such a situation you should contact the support team for recovering it back. The executives present there may ask you few questions, but those questions are just for verifying that the account belongs to you. You can have assurance that you will be completely satisfied with the service provided by the team.