Mcafee, Supporting the Globe!

Mcafee is global computer security software. Starting from the national government or individual users, Mcafee has more than millions of users worldwide who have trusted Mcafee Support to keep them not only secured but also connected. The aims of Mcafee are based on two things. The one is to secure the internet so that the determined globe can connect with a blend of confidence. The other is to give complete security and powerful protection to all the users on every time they tend to connect. Mcafee also protects on windows 10. The protection that Mcafee Support offers are as follows-

  • Antivirus for all PCs tablets or mobiles– It protects devices from cyber-attacks, spyware, malware, phishing and Trojans.
  • Home network security– It prevents intruders from accessing to home networks and identifies the devices is connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Anti-spam email protection– It blocks dangerous and unwanted emails. Hence prevents the computer from spreading spam to other devices.
  • File lock and document encryption– It encrypt the files and lock them in secured vaults maintain the privacy of the users.
  • Password Manager– It stores logins in a place never forgetting passwords.
  • Web Safety Advisor– It avoids suspicious links and risky websites scanning all downloads so that the dangerous files do not open. It also keeps all personal details hidden.
  • Social media guard– It identifies whether the post from friends are safe to click, blocks malicious sites.
  • Parental controls– It protects the children from harmful content and also manages the browsing of children to make sure that they are safe online.

Mcafee support with the team Mcafee customer service and Mcafee help number blends the digital lives of the users with their daily lives in the following ways-

  • Home Network Defense
  • Social Protection
  • Family safety
  • Work security

If the users have any download related issues then they can call Mcafee help number 1-855-855-8055 or send an email too.