Norton Contact Number: Protect your Device! Protect your family!

After installing the Norton antivirus on your device, you can relax that your device is now protected from all kind of malware. There is need to safeguard the computer from the virus especially when you are accessing internet, or some other device related to internet on it. This is because excessive use of the internet makes your computer prone to all such viruses. Once Norton antivirus is activated, you can access internet without any problem. As each technical thing has some issues, similarly Norton also has some issues in the process of functioning for protecting the device from malware. In that case, you have to just take help of experts by dialing Norton contact number and they will sort out all the problems very easily.


  • Installation is not only essential for starting the functioning of Norton, but it becomes an issue if the steps of installation are not followed properly. You can always take help of Norton support team if you have problem in understanding any of the steps of installation of Norton antivirus. If you find that you have downloaded some corrupted file, then again, our team will help you to find out and download the valid installation file of Norton antivirus.
  • It is a known fact that time to time you have to renew the antivirus software otherwise it may not function properly after a fixed duration of time. Everyday new malware are invented. It is utmost necessary that currently invented viruses are updated in the software for better protection, so you have to renew it after a fixed period of time. If you need help in the process of renewal, then you can contact Norton customer service team.
  • Only installing Norton successfully on your computer is not enough. You have to activate it and for completing the activation process you have to first find the activation key and then enter the license number in the space present there.  If you have the problem inactivation process, then you can seek the help of our technicians by dialing Norton contact number.

Norton Contact Number

  • If you find that even after successfully installing and activating Norton you find that it is not working properly in the prevention of malware then you have to take steps for reinstalling it. In the process of re installation, you have to first of all uninstall Norton completely from the device by using the removal tool and then you have to again download the installation file from its official website. This time if you have Norton download problem then you should not proceed rather contact the support team for seeking help in the process of re installation.
  • Sometimes Norton antivirus may not work properly when you download other programs with the it as other programs may interact with the antivirus and cause a problem in its functioning. You can prevent such program by avoiding installing any other software along with Norton when you know that it interacts with other software and malfunction. You can dial Norton contact number and avail help of professionals who would guide you through the proper process.
  • If you find that you are no more accessing internet on that computer on which you have activated the Norton but you are currently accessing internet on some other device on which you have not installed any antivirus then in that situation you have to first uninstall Norton from the first device by using the removal then reinstall it on other device which doesn’t have any other form of protection. As the process is bit complicated so you can avail help of support team by dialing Norton helpline number. The technicians of the support team will definitely guide you through the process of re installation.

What you should do?

  • You must download the proper installation file of Norton that also from the official website.
  • In the duration of installation, you must have proper internet connection.
  • The license number must be retained for activation of the antivirus.
  • You must find the activation key and then enter the details in it for activating it properly.
  • Whenever there is an updater available you must update the file for continuing the protection features.

These are some of the problems that may arise while using the Norton antivirus on your device. Whenever you face any such issue you must instantly dial Norton contact number for seeking help of a technical team. When you contact the support team, they will listen to all your problems and analyze the cause behind it. Only after that, they find the relevant solution for the problems. The toll-free number helps you to convey your problems in detail to our executives without worrying even a penny for it. There is no certain time when you will face the problems hence our team is present round the clock to help you with proper solutions irrespective of timing.