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The process of installing the Norton antivirus on your device seem to be simple but there are times when you have to face a lot of difficulties doing that. In case Norton is not installed properly then it will not protect the device from malware. So, you have to first ensure that you have downloaded the proper installation file and then you have to follow each and every step for completing the process successfully.  If you have any difficulty in following the steps of installation, then you have to contact Norton customer service team for guiding you through the steps. In this way, you can easily overcome the difficulties that arise due to improper installation of antivirus and hence it will function properly in providing complete protection to your device.

How to prepare the device for the installation?

  • You have to ensure that your computer meets all the requirements of Norton before you install it on the computer. If you find that there are some requirements that are not met, then you have to make sure that you either make the required changes yourself or you take help of experts by dialing Norton contact number. This is because if such conditions are not met then it will not function properly and slowdown in detecting the malware even if you have installed it successfully on your device.
  • You have to check whether the windows operating system used in your computer is up to date. If there are new updates, make sure that you install it on the device. Sometimes because of not updating the operating system, you may have problem in functioning of the antivirus. Whenever you come across any such situation you have to contact Norton customer service team for help. Time to time Norton update its features according to the current operating so that there is smooth compatibility between the antivirus and the computer.
  • If you already have some other security software installed on the device then the Norton may malfunction. Some security software such as firewall, anti-spyware or any other anti malware software must not be installed and suppose you find anything such installed then make sure that it removed before installed Norton in it. When you are using more than one security software then that may cause the problem in the installation as well as functioning of Norton. If you need help in removing the already installed software, then you have to contact Norton support number for proper guidance through the steps.

Norton Customer Service

  • Before installing Norton, it is recommended that you should restart your computer so that there are no unnecessary applications running in the background. If some applications are left running behind then that may cause hindrance in the installation process. Further, if you find that there is some difficulty in its functioning of Norton after you have successfully installed it then you have to first remove it by using the removal tool and again reinstall it on the same device. If you have difficulty understanding the process of un installation, then you can avail help of Norton customer service team. the technicians present there will guide you through the steps one by one. Re installation of Norton dissolves all the unnecessary issues that have arisen while you have installed it for the first time.
  • Whether you are installing the Norton for the first time or reinstalling it, you have to make sure you have to download the latest installation file. If you have Norton download problem, then it is for sure that you can’t run antivirus successfully on your device. For finding the latest version you have to visit the official website and then find the product in the list you want to install and then the latest version will get installed on your device. If you need any help in finding the best suitable version for your device, then you can avail the service of the team by dialing Norton help number. After dialing the number, you have to convey the problem to the executives who would understand the problem and hence resolve it instantly.


Beside installing the Norton on the device, it is also important that you activate it properly. Once you have downloaded the installation file and followed the steps accurately you will be able to install it, but you will have to find the activation key and then enter the license number for completing the process of activation. Until Norton is activated properly it will not start functioning.  If you find that you have not installed the file properly or you have problem in activation, then you can take help of Norton customer service team. If even after following all the steps accurately you still find that the antivirus is not preventing malware, then you have to reinstall it. The professionals of our team are present round the clock to serve you with proper solutions.