Acer Contact Number For Customer Services : 1-800-259-1237

Acer, a Taiwanese brand that manufactures desktops, laptops, tablets, storage devices, televisions, and other such devices, is one of the largest computer vendors in the world. With the growth of its customer base and increasing products and technologies, Acer teams are committed to providing its clients the best Acer customer service. To contact Acer team call Acer contact number.

Acer contact number

We, at ADV Software, have put together a team of well-qualified experts who are available at your service when you call the Acer contact number. The team is trained to handle all your problems.

Benefits of calling our Acer contact number.
  1. Product suggestions – If you are a new customer and aren’t sure of which laptop or desktop to buy, you can speak with one of our executives and tell him/her about your requirements. The executive can suggest the best product among-st a list of several Acer products that we deal with.
  2. System Upgrade – Acer works on Windows OS and with ever-growing developments with the versions of Windows, your devices may need time to time updating. Speak to one of the representatives today by calling our Acer contact number and get help to install the latest versions of Windows.
  3. Resetting Windows – Most desktops and laptops these days work on Windows and require you to sign in with your email address and password. If you forget either, you may be unable to login to your device. To resolve this, you need to reset the Windows on your device. Our executives can help you successfully do the same with easy step-by-step guidance which you can jot down or remember in case you face such a situation again.
  4. Bluetooth and Wireless connectivity –At times, the Bluetooth and Wireless feature on your device may refuse to work and give you errors that you can’t comprehend unless you are a tech-savvy person. You can call our Acer contact number and our well trained team will help you resetting these on your device so you can use them again.

Above-mentioned are only some of the problems we handle. To know more, call us at 1-800-259-1237 now.