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Canon, without a doubt, is the top manufacturer of printers worldwide and is highly popular for its wide range of excellent quality products. Besides its line of printers, Canon is also famous as one of the most-preferred manufacturers of other imaging and optical products such as cameras. However, there may be certain technical situations at times that require professional supervision. The Canon customer service department at ADV Software prides itself in a team which can cater to all such possibilities.

canon customer service

Here are some of the following ways the Canon customer service team can help you:
  1. Help with installing drivers and software for your printer – When you purchase a new printer, you must download and configure the appropriate drivers and software for it to function properly with you PCs. Our Canon customer service team can help you with the installation and configuration of the drivers and software.
  2. Help with diagnosing errors on your Canon printer and repairing them – Printers, after all, are also electronic equipment that may fault at times. Our well-qualified executive can assist you in diagnosing the cause of the error and resolve them by providing you step-by-step solution for troubleshooting.
  3. Help with fixing paper jams in the printer – One of the most common problems with printers is that of carriage jams. This happens due to misalignment of paper sheets in the tray. The representatives can guide you in successfully clearing out the paper jam and resume your printing job.
  4. Help with updating software and drivers for your printer– Another common reason why your printer may give up printing all of a sudden can be outdated drivers or software. Every brand believes in updating their products to stay in the competition with others in the market. The technicians at the Canon customer service department at ADV Software can help you look for latest updates and install the same for your drivers as well as software.
  5. Help with the setup of wireless printer connection with your system – Our executives can help you setup your wireless printer with your mobile or PC for the printer to work.

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