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The Facebook Support Of The Facebook Users

Launched in 2004 by its founder Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook has taken the world of social media to a different level. You would barely find anyone inactive on Facebook these days irrespective of their age, location, and beliefs. Facebook Support is an option for such existing users in case they face any problems related to their Facebook accounts.

Facebook Support

Here is a list of common questions asked by Facebook users worldwide:

Why can’t I login to my Facebook account?

Some common reasons you can’t login maybe related to password and security of your account. If you have forgotten your Facebook password, you would need to reset it. You can choose to follow the instructions provided by Facebook or you can call our Facebook Support team to get assistance with the same. In case, Facebook detects some unusual or prohibited activities, it may block your account temporarily. The account recovery can be done the same way as your password.

What do I do about the unwanted comments on my photos and Facebook timeline?

Facebook allows you the option of setting the privacy setting on each post, photos, and videos. You can set them as public, friends, only yourself, or even a customized list. Call our highly-skilled Facebook Support professionals now and they can help you to set the privacy options of your account.

How can I block Facebook messages from unknown people?

With Facebook, all messages from people not in your profile go to a separate folder known as ‘others’, ‘message request’ or ‘filtered’. You can check the folder to decide the messages you want to entertain and the ones you want to ignore. You can also block and report any offensive and annoying message that upset you.

I have set my phone number to receive messages via text but I still don’t get any messages. Why?

First, check that you have activated the text option under notifications. Second, try to delete and reset your mobile number. If this doesn’t work, call our Facebook Support Number 1-855-855-8055 and ask for help.

Our Facebook Support staff is waiting to help you with all your queries. So, call now on our Facebook Support Number and get 100% customer satisfaction.