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Hotmail technicians never let the users feel alone in their bad days. They know how important it is (email account) when they are about to submit their project. Sometimes, users feel scared to use Hotmail’s latest features as they don’t have enough technical knowledge and confidence to do it alone. But to meet different work commitments, users must have learnt to use of Hotmail latest features. They are not alone as technicians are always there through Hotmail support number. Sometimes, users don’t understand any technical term at first attempt. They don’t need to feel shy if they want to clarify anything by asking again. Technicians won’t mind at all.

Hotmail support number

Hotmail support number is effective especially when the users stuck during using Hotmail latest features. These features are very helpful for the users.

  • Users can filter their emails, social updates from groups and regular contacts by a single click.
  • Users can have quick glance of an image by clicking on the link of the photos.
  • Users can have all conversations at one place in their Hotmail account. If they are unable to understand then they can take advice from the experts.
  • Users can use the ‘’sweep’’ button to remove all unwanted mails from their inbox.
  • Users can stay away from the spam by using newly introduced two category ‘’spam’’ and ‘’grey’’.
  • Now users can save their time by seeing the highlights of important mails, news etc. If they want to clarify something, they can ask the technicians with the help of Hotmail customer service number.
  • Users can chat with their face book friends through Hotmail very easily.
  • Now users can able to send huge files by using Hotmail account. In a single mail they can send up to 10 GB file. The file will be hosted under sky drive service. Receiver needs to click on the URL and they download the file. Receivers won’t require creating account under sky drive service.
  • Now users can view, edit and share their official documents.
  • Now users can edit and give reply of the mail instantly.

Apart from introducing and explaining latest features of Hotmail, users can use Hotmail support number for solving login problem, file attachment issue too. They won’t have to pay phone bill as it is toll free helpline number. Technicians always maintain the service quality. They never compromise with the given deadline. Customized service package is available for those who have urgent requirement and limited budget.

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