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Hewlett-Packard, popularly known as HP, is one of the leading information companies in the world. Since their inception, the company has resulted in the production of many high-quality IT products such as desktops, laptops, and printers. HP printers are a common name in almost every business and household. There are more than thousands of customers calling in the HP contact number or the Hp customer service number every day for new and existing products.

Hp Contact number

Here are some of the common reasons why you may need to call our Hp contact Number for help with your printer:
  1. Driver and Software installation: As a user, you need to have the correct set of drivers and software installed for your printer for it to function properly. By calling our Hp contact Number, you can get step-by-step guidance on how to do the installations correctly.
  2. Errors and Repairs: At times, you may notice a notification light blinking on your printer even when the ink is full and the software is installed properly. It is a good idea to call a qualified technician at ADV Software who can help you update drivers or check for any other issue that maybe causing the error.
  3. Plug and Play: Although a late bloom, HP’s Plug and Play feature enable you to install your printer to any desktop, laptop, or netbook by connecting a USB cable to the printer. However, you may need to get help from our Hp contact number in installing the software before you plug the printer in.
  4. Updating drivers: Like all other electronic gadgets, printer drivers also need regular updating. Check online for available updates or call our Hp contact number to know more about them.
  5. Jam issues: Carriage jams are a common concern with printers especially if there is a lot of printing. You can find steps to fix it online but if you are not confident about it, get in touch with the support team at ADV Software and the representatives can help you with the issue in no time.

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