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The invention of printers changed the world’s style of using computers or laptop. Giant brands such as HP are among-st some of the most-preferred companies for the purchase of printers by personal as well as business users. If you call Hp help number, you will be able to know about the vast range of models they offer to cater the different types of customers.

hp help number

Why would I need to contact the experts for Hp help?

You may need to call us to require assistance with any of the below-mentioned concerns:

  • Help with finding the appropriate printer for your needs
  • Help with configuring the printer drivers and software with your PC, laptop, and netbooks
  • Help with installing ink cartridges in the printer and buying extra cartridges
  • Help with carriage jams
  • Help with live support for your printer
  • Help with updating drivers and software, etc.

Are your executives qualified to help me with the above problems?

No matter what your problem is, when you call the Hp help number of ADV Software, our highly-qualified customer service representatives ensure a 100% satisfying resolution to your query.

I don’t have a DVD drive on my netbook. How do I install the printer drivers on it?

Some of the latest printers from HP such as HP Laser Jet P2015 Printer Series come with Plug and Play options. When you connect the printer and your netbook with the USB cable, it automatically detects the printer and starts downloading the driver. If you don’t have the software downloaded already, you can simply download the software after downloading the drivers and your printer is ready-to-use. For more information, call our Hp contact number at 1-800-259-1237

All the lights on my printer are blinking. What do I do?

Some of the common reasons why all the lights on your printer are blinking may be that it received an unknown error and needs a reset, or your printer may be in a need of servicing. Either way, you can call our Hp help number and one of our technicians can help you with it.

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